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Things to Consider When Buying Organic CBD

The CBD industry has exploded in 2019 as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, and estimates are that cannabis will be a $22B dollar industry by 2026. While legislation has softened for cannabis companies, the industry is widely unregulated and the products available to consumers can vary greatly in quality and effectiveness. Organic CBD products are no doubt a better quality products than their non-organic counterparts, and many believe them to be more effective. Here’s 4 things to consider when shopping for organic CBD:

1. There’s no USDA organic certification available for cannabis companies at the moment.

This forces consumers to have to do their own due diligence on a company before buying their products. New CBD companies are going to market every day, and only a few have emerged as big players at this point.

2. Cannabis absorbs pesticides more than other plants

Cannabis is a bioaccumulator by nature, so it readily absorbs anything and everything in the soil around it. For this reason, it absorbs pesticides and harsh metals more freely than other plants, increasing the exposure to the end user.

3. There is no EPA approved pesticide for CBD

Regardless, farmers are using them with little regulation from state agencies. California is the nations largest producer by far, and they have some of the the strictest regulations in terms of pesticide use in general of all states.

4. Smoking increases your exposure

In terms of ingestion, smoking is the most abrasive pathway for a substance to enter your symptom, so smoking a product that contains pesticides is potentially more toxic than eating or drinking. At least we can wash our fruits and vegetables before eating, but given that CBD is processed by the time it hits the shelf, consumers don’t have much recourse.

5. Companies Often Mislabel Products

A 2017 study on the accuracy of CBD labels of online CBD brands showed that more than 2/3 of the 84 products tested were +/- 10% from what the label stated. This will eventually lead to increased government regulation on labelling standards, but until then you’ll have to do your research.

Some Tips on Sourcing the Best CBD

So what can you do? Start by looking for ethanol based extraction methods or CO2 based extraction methods. Always look for independent 3rd party lab results. Most reputable companies should have them. Look for labels that say ‘Full Spectrum’ and ‘All Natural’. Read reviews if you can find them and don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the company with questions on their product. You can tell a lot about a company with how they respond to customer inquiries. If you are insistent on seeing independent lab results, you can protect yourself from some of the bad products that are out there.