cannabis germination

The Basics of Cannabis Germination

Cannabis germination may seem like something that is hard to do and should be left to the pros, but it’s not. With the proper set up and a little know-how you too can grow your own weed.

Getting your young seedlings off to flying start will ensure the best cannabis crops come harvest time. Here are some of the important points to know about:

Step 1

The cannabis seeds will need to be situated comfortably between two moist tissue papers and placed in a dark cabinet at room temperature. Just lay the them down and pour the water on the tissue, drain away the excess water and done. The seeds will prefer a non-chlorine water like rain or purified water.

Step 2

Marijuana seeds will sprout their embryonic roots within just a few days and will then need to be planted in seedling or cactus soil with the sprouts facing down to protect it from the sunlight. Keep the soil moist but not wet. You can make a mini-greenhouse by cutting off the top half of a plastic bottle and placing it over your seedling. This will control humidity and temperature levels.

Step 3

Soon the seedling will burst from the ground and unfurl two small leaves. It can then be placed under a direct fluorescent light. Keep the top layer of soil moist and don’t allow direct sunlight to fall on the young seedling just yet.  Be careful not to over-water, simply moisten the ground each time the surface becomes dry and dusty.

Step 4

Within 1 or two weeks your seedlings should be a strong and healthy young plant and capable of being transplanted into a larger pot with nutrient-rich soil and organic garden soil amendments.

Step 5

The small cannabis plants will reveal their gender once they begin flowering, which can happen in a matter of weeks or months depending on the type of plant.

Feminized or autoflowering cannabis plants will all grow into flowering females –– which is what you want. They will develop hair-like pistils. Regular cannabis seeds will grow into either male or female plants.

You can look at the internodes of each stem for the sexual identity of the plants. Male cannabis plants will have a pair of pollen sacks like little balls in this spot –– they are hard to miss. Remove the males so that the females are not pollinated and develop cannabis seeds.

Step 6

Take good care of your plants and they will reward you with a bountiful harvest when it comes time to harvest them later. You can then enjoy them in the knowledge that you have grown your own cannabis from a small seedling to the stuff that you now use.

Cannabis germination seems from the outset to be intimidating and tough to perform, however it isn’t and with the proper set up and the right amount of knowledge it’s actually relatively easy to do and something that can provide you with not only a harvest, but also a lot of satisfaction.