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Smoking Kit: A Must-Have for Every Stoner

Whether you’re new to marijuana smoking, an experienced stoner looking to upgrade your old water bong, or just trying to find a gift for a smoker you know, a smoking kit is something you should look into. Every heavy smoker has a list of things he or she needs to get the best high, every user, whether they are a medical or recreational marijuana consumer, should have cannabis accessories that enhance their smoking experience. This post can be a good guide for beginners as well as a reminder for experienced smokers. Let’s discuss what a smoker’s kit is and the tools it should contain.

What Is a Smoking Kit?

In case you didn’t know by now, smoker kits are sets made up of hand-selected marijuana smoking items. There are starter kits, gift sets that are dedicated to a specific topic, or just packs of the most necessary accessories. For beginners, it is very convenient to get everything you need from scratch in one simple and beautiful box ready to use immediately after purchase. Among other things, their important advantage is that it is often more profitable to buy a set than to buy each item separately. A huge variety of such sets on the modern market will satisfy the needs of any user.

What Comes in a Smoking Kit?

If this is your first time making your smoking kit, chances are you have no idea where to start. You can start small and without significant expenses, because it is quite possible to assemble a starter kit for as little as $50 or even less. There are a large number of options available and a search on the Internet can bring up many exciting ideas.

The items that are required first of all are the following:

  • ashtray – container for the ashes from your joint;
  • grinder – the essential equipment for true connoisseurs of good cannabis, a device that is used to grind flowers in order to roll joints or turn them into oil for edibles;
  • joints – cigarettes with grinder-ground marijuana flowers inside instead of tobacco;
  • joint holder – an accessory designed to hold a joint so that it can be smoked to the very end without the risk of burning yourself;
  • kief catcher – a container for collecting cannabis dust left after grinding marijuana flowers, which can be added to joints or edibles;
  • lighter – the basic accessory of the smoker, designed to set fire to the joint or pipe;
  • rolling machine – a tool for quick and easy joint rolling;
  • rolling papers – special paper designed for rolling joints;
  • scale  – a device for measuring the amount of weed you put in a joint or checking the weight of a product bought at a dispensary;
  • smell-proof bag – a must-have thing for storing and transporting your weed;
  • water pipe – a glass, silicone, or plastic device that uses water to filter weed smoke.

Of course, this is not enough for everyone and there are many other options, but if you have the necessary budget, you can subsequently supplement the main items with everything you need.

Where to Buy?

Until recently, you would have had to spend a lot of time and effort visiting various headshops to find exactly what you need, but everything is much easier now. These days, you can easily find on the Internet not only individual marijuana smoking accessories that will help you create your dream set, but also ready-made kits assembled by professionals who know exactly what you need. I recommend visiting the online store Cheef Kit where a large selection of products is presented. Whether it’s smoking, rolling, or vaping, you can find the right kit for every need. A variety of gift sets will help you find a gift for any, even the most bizarre smoker.

The such set allows you to always have at hand everything you need for smoking. With it, you can smoke not only at home, because a convenient and compact box allows you to keep all the necessary smoking equipment together and take them with you on the road. You’ll be ready to smoke 24/7, whether at home or at a friend’s because your smoking kit will always have everything you need to get high.