Refillable E-Cigar – Amazing Insights to Help You Buy the Best Device

Vaping is now a popular social habit among people from all over the world. To meet the ever-growing demand, manufacturers are always coming up with newer and more advanced vaping devices. There are a variety of e-cigarettes and vape mods to suit the needs of different people including CBD oil users.

If you love cigars, there is a refillable e-cigar for you. This is a vaping device that resembles a traditional cigar but could be slightly bigger to accommodate all the parts and also have a sizeable e-juice tank. 

Anyone who is looking for a refillable e-cigar today should be keen to pick a reliable and stylish device for the best experience. If you are new, then the insights we will share below will help you make the best choices. 

Features of a Refillable E-Cigar

  • It has a refillable cartridge – As the name suggests, a refillable e-cigar is designed to be used many times by vapers. Therefore, it comes with refillable cartridges to put your favorite e-juice flavor in. Unlike disposable e-cigars, this one allows alternating more than one e-juice type, especially if you have more than one cartridge. 
  • It has a powerful rechargeable battery – The vaping sector has evolved well and newer technologies have come up. A refillable e-cigar comes with a power lithium-ion battery so you can vape a couple of times before plugging it into a charger. It also uses the latest charging technology such as a type-C fast charge for more convenience. 
  • It has modern coils and wick – For a better experience, the new refillable e-cigar comes with the latest atomizers made of high-tech coils and wicks. When used well, the atomizer delivers great vapor and smoothness. 
  • It is made of quality materials – E-cigars tend to resemble conventional cigars. A refillable e-cigar is made of high-quality materials such as aluminum alloys, wood, or PVC, and given a final finish that resembles the brown traditional cigars. This makes them stylish, classy, and durable. 

How to Buy a Refillable E-Cigar

Just like any other vaping device, a refillable e-cigar is available online through a variety of webshops. If you have bought any vaping products before, you know that the sector is thriving well online. When buying, you have to vet a variety of sellers to ensure that they have the best offers. If you are in Canada, you can try the refillable e-cigar from ePuffer and you will not regret it. 

You can also buy a refillable e-cigar from a health shop in a mall or any other place in your city. Vaping is getting more widely accepted, so it is easy to find shops that stock a variety of vaping devices including a refillable e-cigar. The good thing about buying from a physical shop is that you can see and physically inspect the vape pen you are about to buy. 

How to Prepare a Refillable E-Cigar Before Use

A great refillable e-cigar should come with two other cartridges to help you prepare before using it. Unlike tanks in vape pods, cartridges are not long-lasting because they are made of plastic to make them light and simple to snap into position before use. 

If you have a refillable e-cigar, it is good to know how to prepare it for the next use. Here are important steps to take:

  • Charge your batteries – Whether you are traveling or not, it is good to keep your e-cigar charged all the time. Now that we mentioned that it comes with a type-C fast charge option, it is easy to plug it in and wait for the battery to be full.
  • Prepare the cartridges – If you have extra cartridges for your device, then it is easy to prepare them in advance. Inspect them to ensure that they are clean and then fill them with your favorite e-juice or CBD oil just before snapping it into the e-cigar for use. 
  • Keep your device clean – Cleaning the refillable e-cigar removes any debris in the cartridges and mouthpiece for the best experience. Make sure that the device is cleaned as guided by the manufacturer. 


If you have a refillable e-cigar, you now know how easy to enjoy it. Most users prefer tobacco e-juices and nic-salt, but CBD oil can be used as well. What is most important is to prepare the device well for use and maintain it in a good state. With all of this information, you will always enjoy your refillable e-cigar.