indoor led grow lights

Led Lights, the Real Deal to Indoor Cannabis Plants

You are undoubtedly aware that all the phases of the cannabis plant require substantial amounts of light. Regardless of your experience in growing cannabis, you as well know that across every stage in there is the functional spectrum needful for triggering optimal growth and proper yields in the long run.

Thankfully, the evolution of the LED lights saw to it that there was the invention of not only LED lights meant for growing indoor plants, but also full spectrum LED grow lights intended for giving the rightful spectrum to the crops at every phase.

Why are these lights the best when it comes to growing cannabis in indoor environments?

1.   Energy-efficiency

It goes beyond saying that LED lights save power. In fact, when compared to other types of lighting apparatus, they tend to consume lesser energy.

This, in the long run, tends to make the cannabis grower save on matters overhead costs.

2.   Long life

As a rule of the thumb, the electronic gadgets that are efficient in saving energy have a longer life than those with compromised energy-saving.

When the same gets replicated to indoor grow lights for marijuana, one thing is sure – there are little instances of maintenance, which at the end of it all mean the component’s life gets enhanced.

3.   Less heat produced

Investing in expensive cooling systems in your indoor setup isn’t an option when it comes to the usage of LED lights.

These indoor lights get manufactured in such a way that they won’t produce skyrocketed amounts of heat. Their ability to run cold over time necessitates savings in terms of ensuring air conditioners are in place or any other types of cool gadgets.

They work perfectly for marijuana growers who plant their plants during the summer season. The atmospheric humidity doesn’t play a significant role in making the heat emitted by these lights burn up the plants.

4.   Adjustability

Most of the best LED indoor cannabis lights harbor adjustability as among their most primal features. As these lights are portable, the cannabis grower has the prompt to place the lights either near the plants or relatively far from the leaves of these plants.

When it comes to the full spectrum LED lights, the cultivator has the option to adjust the light spectrum after these plants reach their specific stages of growth. For instance, they can improve the lights to red from blue when the crops reach the flowering phase.

Also, the farmer may increase their yields when they adjust the light intensity to higher levels. That’s easily achievable via moving the lights closer to the plants, provided it is such a way that they cannot cause some parts to burn out.

5.   Saving in terms of growth resources

It is the goal of every cannabis grower when they keep in terms of the raw materials and overall amount of resources in the quest to produce heavy cannabis yields.

Well, as previously mentioned, LED lights to consume less energy, thus producing less heat. That said, the water requirements tend to be lower.

In explanation, you find that when high amounts of heat get produced, the water requirements in the soil tend to be high. The potential of cob LED indoor cannabis grow lights to produce less heat helps fantastically to reduce the watering schedules and the total amount of water needed to have fully grown indoor cannabis.

On the same note, the farmer tends to save in terms of organic nutrients and fertilizers. Here’s how it happens…when plants get overwatered, it means that their nutrients requirements go high to cater for balanced water and nutrients ratio.

Thankfully, the way using LED lights leads to saving in water ends up in the realization of saved nutrients.

6.   Saving time

Time is crucial when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. Now that LED lights require little to no maintenance, the farmer saves on time that could otherwise be spent on keeping on replacing some light parts or using the unneeded spectrum as one awaits to replace improperly functioning LEDs.

7.   Ease in determining the right distance

Now that there are lots of modern lights getting produced under LEDs, the grower knows a crystal clear thing – the best mileage from a LED lamp to the other should range anywhere between 30 and 45 cm.

This distance should be determined by the climatic conditions experienced as of that specific moment of lighting. For instance, when it’s during the winter, the plants need higher amounts of heat. That said, placing the LED lights at 30cm from the topmost part of the plant works fine.

On the contrary, the summer season requires the cannabis grower to subject their plants to the least amounts of heat possible. That said, anywhere above 40 cm, up to 45 cm is an incredible distance to keep the LED lights from the top of the plants. When these two factors get followed, expecting a vibrant growth and healthy cannabis wouldn’t be termed as over-expecting.

Considering all of the above, investing in LED grow lights seems justified, since the invested funds will quickly pay off.