weed in glass and plastic

Is It Better Store Weed in Glass or Plastic?

The debate over whether to store marijuana in glass or plastic has been rekindled after California voters legalized the drug. Proponents say that the substance is safer than the illegal stuff sold on the street and can be kept discreetly away from children. Opponents argue that stoners are not likely to store their stash in a glass jar, preferring instead to use plastic, which does not allow for easy viewing of the contents and could cause poisoning.

Honestly speaking, there are pros and cons to both. Storing marijuana in glass requires a bit more organization, but those who have made the decision to store their stash in the usual containers agree that it is worth it. Glass allows for easy viewing, but some people feel it is a distraction. Plastic, while convenient, does not store well and can easily become damaged and can lose THC potency. Here are the pros and cons of both:

Store in Glass vs. Plastic

For those who store weed, these materials have several benefits.

  1. First, viewing is easier when using glass because it is more clear.
  2. Second, the material does not absorb moisture as easily as other forms.
  3. Third, it is difficult to tell what is inside versus just looking at a crack. When it comes to appearance, there is no contest. However, some feel that plastic material does not offer the same privacy and security as does the glass alternative.

When it comes to storage, glass is clearly the leader. While some people store pot in plastic, the material is easy to see through and can be kept cold without becoming moldy. There is less absorption when stored in plastic and does not become infected like wood. While this may seem like a thin choice between glass and plastic, it can make a big difference in the safety and cleanliness of your stash. After all, no one wants moldy pot and is always glad to find clean, fresh pot whenever possible.

Whether you store marijuana in your house, apartment, garage or on your vehicle, it is critical to keep weed away from heat, light and air. While you cannot store it on the counter, you should ensure that it is kept out of reach of children. Do not let them reach it through a window either, because you do not want to have a child to choke on the potent substance.

It is important to keep marijuana away from direct sunlight, as well as heat and moisture. In addition, avoid placing it near any flammable substances, as this will increase the risk of explosion. However, if you store marijuana in a sunny place, it is possible to store it for quite some time without fear of explosions. This is because when you store weed in glass, it is difficult to see through, and as a result, it is almost impossible for your marijuana to explode.

Original Container

While there is no real way to prove which is better option to store pot, most experts would suggest that you store the it in its original container. This allows for maximum shelf life and keeps it safe from damage. Storing it in its original container allows you to smoke it without worry, allowing you to maintain your privacy. It also keeps it fresh, allowing you to enjoy slow, relaxing smoke rather than sudden, energizing burst. In other words, if you store the pot in the original containers, you are taking advantage of a method that allows you to grow a high quality plant, while keeping it safe from harm.

No matter what method you use to store marijuana in glass or plastic containers, it is important that you follow a few guidelines to avoid contamination. Keep it away from any heat source, including sunlight and fluorescent lights. Keep it away from dampness, as it can easily absorb water. Finally, store it in a cool, dark place away from sources of moisture.