is cbn good for sleep

Is CBN Good for Sleep?

Just like the famous cannabidiol (CBD), CBN or cannabinol is a cannabis-derived, mildly psychoactive compound that has been proven to interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body. As a result of a breakdown of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), CBN is mainly found in the old or oxidized cannabis plants. It is getting more popular because of its potential health benefits, such as the ability to relieve pain and inflammation, and this article will focus on its sedative effect, i.e., is CBN good for sleep?

How Does CBN Affect the Body?

CBN is believed to generate strong sedative effects even though it doesn’t bind well to cannabinoid receptors. Still, researchers believe that its effects are better seen when combined with either THC or CBD. this is the most obvious effect of CBN. Some researchers even claim that 5mg of CBN can produce similar effects as 10mg of diazepam and some other pharmaceutical sedatives. They believe that CBN adds to the sleep-inducing and drowsy effects of Indica strains since it has higher cannabinoid concentration.

Despite having sedative properties, CBN is not psychoactive. This makes it an excellent solution to take without the accompanying high. The CBN content in buds are really small and rarely pass the 1% mark in a cured bud. Still, tiny doses are enough to produce a sedative effect on the body.

Does It Help Sleep Better?

CBN was discovered a long time ago, but it has not been studied for long like its counterpart, CBD. A few anecdotal feedbacks presently suggest that it is effective when used as a natural sedative and can help you sleep better. Another study revealed that CBN can prolong sleep time and mice were used for the study. Others believe that it has better sedative effects when it is taken as a combination of CBD or THC.

The 2011 study was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology and it found that a blend of CBN and THC has the ability to produce sedative effects. The human subjects in the study reported a longer and more restful sleep. One example of this is the Moroccan hashish. It is an older cannabis product or is exposed to sunlight and heat. This makes it better for relaxing since it has higher CBN content.

One researcher thinks that the purported sedative effects of CBN come from the sedating terpenes present in aged cannabis that it originates from. There is a need to get more conclusive research, but at the moment, CBN has been proven to promote relaxations and feelings of tranquility. Both factors are important for a good and restful sleep.

How Much CBN Should You Take to Sleep?

A small amount in most cases can promote sleep. CBN products can be taken before bed for a restful sleep. They come in many forms such as gummies or tinctures.

For the tinctures, they can be taken with a dropper under the tongue. It is best taken one hour before bedtime. 1ml of this drop is enough to promote restful sleep, but some people may be given higher prescriptions depending on the effect. It is dropped under the tongue and is quickly absorbed.

Such tinctures often come in bottles. A bottle of 1 oz size will contain 30 servings and this is sufficient for a full month’s use. Be sure to read the label for instructions on use and ingredients especially if you want a vegan-friendly product.

Is CBN Better for Sleep than CBD?

Both CBN and CBD have so many similarities. Both are cannabinoids, gotten from cannabis. Also, the compounds interact with brain receptors when taken in various forms. They also do not have a psychoactive effect that THC does. CBN and CBD also share similar benefits like promoting sleep, so that many manufacturers even offer blends of CBN and CBD that contain relaxing terpenes or sleep regulating hormone melatonin.

There is still a lot of research needed to determine if CBN is better for sleep than CBD. From the available research, neither CBD nor CBN beats the other in effectiveness or even performance. Choosing CBD with melatonin or CBN is more or less a matter of preference. The choice mostly varies depending on the symptoms you have.