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How to Choose a Marijuana Delivery Service

Whether you use recreational or medical marijuana, it can be stressful to go all the way to the dispensary whenever you need to take it. It is a lot easier to stay home and get your weed sent to you. This is what a cannabis delivery service will do.

Cannabis has been legalized in many states and this has brought about dispensaries. As the client base expands and moves away from the black market, customers determine the traffic, shape, and design of cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabis delivery services are not very common because the service is not approved in every state where sale possession is legalized. There are still a lot of grey areas to be fixed before the problem can be cleared up.

In states where possession of cannabis has been legalized, you can have marijuana delivered to you at home. There are a few things you should consider if you want to choose a cannabis delivery service. This guide will cover those factors.

Cannabis Delivery Types

There are three main types of cannabis delivery. They include specialized delivery services, dispensaries offering delivery, and onboard delivery.

Specialized Delivery Service

These businesses often work from hubs. In big cities, they have multiple hubs to make the delivery faster. They are not exactly stores or dispensaries where you can buy marijuana. However, they work mostly as delivery services. Their agents pick up the delivery from the dispensary and deliver it to your doorstep.

Dispensary Offering Delivery

Marijuana dispensaries can choose to expand their business by delivering weed to people who don’t want to come to the dispensary all the time. This service makes it easier for all customers to get their goods right on time. It is also a lot safer during times when users cannot visit dispensaries freely like a pandemic. The dispensary takes orders online and sends a rider out to deliver the weed.

On-Board Delivery

This one is a lot similar to the ice cream truck. It could involve stocking a van with cannabis products. When you get an order or find an interested buyer on the streets, you will be ready to deliver. However, this method is not very popular because some laws may limit the amount of cannabis you can hold in the truck.

How to Choose a Delivery Service


Before choosing a service, ensure that the dispensary has background checks done on its delivery drivers. The main reason why you want this service is to get quality products and services. So you need to be reassured that you’re not getting any less. While some services allow you to track every delivery with your smartphone, they may not be readily available. However, the delivery service needs to have all the permits as well as drivers with identity cards.

Thorough Discretion

Most people prefer to use a marijuana delivery service for the discretion it offers. It makes no sense to have marijuana delivered in a distinctive vehicle if you want discretion. Opt for one with a quiet delivery in unmarked buses or vehicles that are not easily distinguishable from others. It is a kind of “brown paper bag” strategy that most people prefer.


The simplicity of the process is another factor to consider before choosing a marijuana delivery service. When the product comes, you don’t need to experience usual shopping hassles and awkward waiting. You do not need to deal with long lines and security guards. So look out for a delivery service that will ease the entire process and not take you back.


Marijuana delivery services cannot operate like Lyft or Uber. You simply cannot depend on a service that uses this model. It could be convenient but illegal. The services are better for medical patients who cannot go out to get medicine. However, in states where such is allowed, a delivery service like this can deliver cannabis products. However, most states limit the items to medical products only. Be sure to check the legal status of such a service before using it.


The main convenience in delivery services is delivery to your doorstep. However, the process needs to be as easy as possible. It should not be stressful to select an item from the menu. The menu should contain all the necessary information needed to order and have it delivered. Also, if you have to order by phone, the dispensary needs to have trained and informed staff to make the process easier.