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Have You Tried CBD For Your ADHD? These Guys Need Your Help!

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as most people already know is a variety of behavioral disorders that occurs mostly in children. Impulsiveness and poor concentration are the most common symptoms; however, fidgeting and constant movement are also associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder affects about three percent of adults, seven percent of children, and it’s most prevalent in males.

The exact causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are unknown, but what research and science do know, it affects different people in different ways. There are also a lot of different reasons why certain people develop ADHD. Currently, there’s no blood test or medical laboratory for this disorder; however, behavioral assessment measure has been proven and used for decades.

It’s quite possible that our current understanding of the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be a standstill, but the future of treating it may already be here. Recent studies and tests are revealing the positive effects of CBD for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder patients. Further discoveries have also unearthed that CBD may be more effective in treating it for certain individuals than prescription medications such as Adderall and Ritalin; however, there’s no conclusive evidence as of yet.

Why Do People Get Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

In the majority of most attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cases, it’s strongly connected to a person’s genetics. Did you know? Someone who’s diagnosed with this disorder has a 25 percent chance of having a relative who also suffered from it too. Right now, researchers are taking a closer look at various genes in patients and how they’re genetically connected. The chemical in the brain known as dopamine is also being investigated because people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder seem to have less of it while CBD appears to have a positive effect on dopamine.

Adults with ADHD who have inherited a certain gene also have less brain tissue in certain areas of the brain that are associated with their attention disorder. Research has shown that this condition is not always permanent because as adults age, their brain gradually develops a normal thickness, which results in a reduction of many attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms. Recent studies on the effects of CBD are still in debate, but they do appear to work for certain people diagnosed with this disorder.

A brain injury can also be a reason why someone gets attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, especially in a small minority of children. Pregnant female adults who were in an automobile accident and suffered head injuries can expose their unborn children to harmful toxins, which can cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as the child develops and grows.

Researchers are currently working on how CBD affects the frontal lobes of the brain, which are areas responsible for controlling our impulses, problem-solving, planning, and coordination skills. CBD is showing positive results for improving these areas in the brain, but we still need more conclusive evidence before it’s set in stone.

These Guys Need Your Help!

So, have you tried CBD for your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and did it work? A new site called DidCBDWork.com is looking for real people, one million in fact, who have used CBD to treat their attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other medical ailments to share their testimonies. If you’ve had either a positive or negative experience with CBD and want to help these guys out?

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