how to choose the best marijuana grow tent

Grow Tents: How to Choose the Best for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Grow tents are in high demand among home cannabis growers nowadays. Legalization has made it possible for the market to be flooded with perfect products. Choosing the best grow tent for indoor marijuana growing can be a challenge, so we created a guide to navigate the process.

Why Do You Need a Grow Tent?

Grow tents allow home growers to protect their plants in a contained space. The best part about this tent is that you do not need to remodel or reconstruct your property to accommodate the tent. Also, the tents streamline the process because they are easily set up and offer support to hang fans, lights, and other necessary equipment. They also allow for proper ventilation.

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Grow Tent

Below are a few things you should look for when planning to buy a grow tent:


One of the first considerations to make when choosing a grow tent for marijuana is space. The amount of space you have to spare for your garden will go a long to determine the size of the tent you need. 

Aside from the space consideration, you need to consider the location. In some cases, you may want to be more discreet if you live with in-laws. In such cases, a closet grow is ideal. If you do not have any location restrictions then you can go for a bigger tent. The size of the plants should also be factored in before choosing one because they will need the space to flower.


Another crucial factor is the durability of the product. Most of the time, cost translates into durability. This is because lower-end products are often made with cheaper materials. In the long run, it could lead to broken joints, exterior, low-quality zippers as well as poor seals. If the tent isn’t sturdy it will be jostled around always and this can affect the plants.


The environment comes into play because harsher weather can affect the tent. Wear and tear is bound to happen but the speed at which it does should be considered. Tougher tents are better because a stronger material is heavier and will restrict movement. Restricted movement of your tent means it won’t be jostled around easily. Also, there may be a need to fit lights and ventilation so consider getting rigid tent poles that can handle the weight of the tent.

Another possible consideration for choosing the best grow tent for marijuana is proximity to electrical outlets. The grow lights need to be plugged in and ventilation is also made possible by electricity. Without power supply, there will be no fresh air or light.

Also, with ventilation, there is a need to ensure that it is properly circulated outside. If this isn’t done, you will end up heating your home while making it smell damp. Some tents have drawstrings so you can tighten the seal to prevent this from happening.

Type and Size

There are several types of grow tents so you need to decide if you want a standalone tent or an all-in-one grow tent kit.

Also. Grow tents have different heights and sizes. After knowing how much space you have to work with, you can decide on the size of the tent. The height of your tent is also very important and is often overlooked before choosing grow tents for marijuana. It is better to maximize the height of the tent so that grow lights remain far from the plants. It gives the plant, wall fans, air filters, and ducting more space to thrive.

Tent Characteristics

After checking the factors above, the next one is the characteristics of the tent.

  • You need reflective linings on your tent because they go a long way to improve the yield of indoor cannabis plants. When your plant gets more light, it performs better.
  • Fire resistance is also important along with mildew protection.
  • With some tents, light leakage is common. This can give your house an eerie feeling, so there may be a need to sew the joints together or just get tents with stronger zips.
  • A good tent must be easy to assemble and also easy to pull apart. Ease of access is a top priority for best marijuana grow tents because you need to check the plants often. Some items have a window to check plants. If it is absent, then you are probably buying something on a budget.

Important Features to Look Out For

Even though the entire process of growing cannabis in a protected and enclosed space seems easy, some crucial features are required for the best marijuana grow tents. Some of these features include:

  • Lower and upper intake/exhaust ducting vents
  • Quick viewing window to check plant progress
  • Large openings on doors or full side exposure for easy access to plants
  • Removable waterproof trays on the floor to collect water that runoff from the plant.

How to Choose the Right Size for Marijuana Grow Tent

Before installing a grow tent, you need to measure the growing space available. The space must include:

  • The canopy
  • Grow lights
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Accessories and other tools

Most growers need to dedicate 2 square feet for each plant. Small growers can have 2 plans growing simultaneously. This means they need a tent that is around 2 by 2 feet to get 4 square feet. This space may look large but when seedlings become adults, they can fill up the space completely.

Also, depending on the technique you choose to use to grow your cannabis, you can manage 4 to 6 mature plants in a 4 x4 foot tent. If you have great pruning skills, you can also make it happen. Also, if you use the tent for seedlings alone, then you can pack sixteen of them in the 4 x 4 tent.

However, if you plan to have more than six mature plants in the future, then you will need to get a 5 x 5-foot tent for your plant.

Best Grow Tents for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Now, when you know how to choose the best marijuana grow tent, I will recommend some of the items that worth buying.

Cool Grows Hydroponic Grow Tent

This tent is excellent for growing cannabis plants indoors as it offers safe and easy planting from seedling to the flowering stage. Its reflective mylar tent is built with an efficient silver aluminum foil interior with highly reflective capabilities. It also comes with a heavy-duty zipper that prevents seepage of light while maximizing the reflectivity of usable light. Heavy-duty oxford clothes is used to build the exterior canvas to make it more durable.

It also has vents for aeration that opens out from the front. This gives you free exit and entry. The CoolGrows also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

This hydroponic tent stands at 4 x 4 feet and 6 ½ feet tall. It is larger than an average closet but sturdier. Its interlocking metal poles are strong enough to support the weight of the lights. From the interior, the reflective Mylar bathes the plants in rays from different angles. The double-stitched fabric is also thick to reduce light leaks.

The tent comes with a large front door and two windows to access the plants easily, it also has mesh panels for ventilation and round openings for power cords and passage of air.

This tent is a good buy because it is easy to clean. It also comes with instructions on how to properly set it up without using any tools. The tent has a 90-day warranty.

iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent

the iPower hydroponic tent is smaller at 3 x 3 feet. However, it is a lot affordable for people who want a budget tent. It has a lot of features but stands out in so many ways. Aside from the affordability, this tent also stands out in terms of durability. It is made with 3 ply vinyl as opposed to canvas and is very thick at 5mm. this makes it a heavy-duty tent despite its size. The setting of the tent also looks neat and well thought out. This is clear from the duct ports extension as they are tightly fitted. It also boasts of heavy-duty steel poles for the frame with industrial zippers for the ventilation panels.

It has a removable tray that comes in handy as well to make cleaning the tent a breeze.

Finnhomy 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The Finnhomy hydroponic tent is a free-standing tent for all levels of growers. It gives you the opportunity to control and manipulate the growing environmentas much as possible. Its close or open ventilation system comes with fans that adjust the humidity, temperature, light conditions, and CO2 levels.

Also, the tent is suitable for different growing systems from aeroponic to hydroponic and soil-based cultivation. It is also compatible with different lights such as LED, incandescent, HID, and fluorescent. Some other notable features include the outer shell construction as it uses commercial-grade, waterproof and puncture-resistant oxford nylon fabric. The material is washable, non-toxic, and resistant to mildew and fire. It also has a highly reflective interior lining that allows plants to reuse the light without wasting any. This surface is tear-proof and quite durable.


This is how to choose the best grow tent for marijuana. I hope my article was helpful for you.