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Green Garden Gold Shows How the CBD Industry Has Grown

The legalization of CBD products across the USA was always going to lead to a boom in supply and demand, yet few could have predicted how fast the CBD market would expand. CBD – cannabidiol – is an extract of the cannabis plant, or, more specifically, the industrial hemp strain of cannabis, that is used by many people to help with ailments that come with chronic pain, with anxiety and depression, with sleep disorders and much more. It is also used recreationally as, while it does not produce the high you expect with marijuana, it does have calming and soothing effects.

Developments in the CBD market – growers, now have to be licensed as do retailers – have led to advances in the way it is made, and to an influx of new brands. The tendency now is for manufacturers to be open and frank about where the CBD is grown and harvested, as well as a number of other details that users are now demanding before they buy. One brand that is a prime example of this is Green Garden Gold, which has been around for some time and undergone development and improvement across the range.

Place of Origin and Extraction Techniques

CBD users are very demanding it would seem, and the market has evolved to handle this. For example, the Green Garden Gold brand explains that it sources its CBD from hemp grown in Colorado, with home-grown cannabis being a preferred option in terms of quality control and guarantees of reliable products. The plants are also certified as organic, which is also a major benefit in terms of quality when it comes to products such as these.

One area of CBD that can be confusing is that of the extraction technique, and it has also taken on a sense of importance, and rightfully so. How the CBD is extracted from the hemp can influence the final product in a number of ways. It can result in higher or lower potency and purity, depending upon the method used. Green Garden Gold – like many of the top brands available – uses a CO2 extraction technique, specifically a ‘supercritical’ extraction method. We won’t go into the details here, but suffice to say that this is considered the most effective method of extraction, and is rapidly becoming the industry standard for quality CBD products.

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Quality Assured and Full Spectrum

One area in which the CBD market has become vigilant is that of ensuring that products are independently verified by a 3rd party laboratory. With Green Garden Gold products, you can read through the laboratory results for each product, as they have all been given a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which is an assurance that the product has been thoroughly tested for purity and quality. This is also expected of all CBD brands, and if you can’t see such information or they won’t give it to you, find another brand! 

One of the requirements for the legality of a CBD product is that it must contain less than 0.3% THC content. THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – is another compound found in cannabis (one of more than 100 in fact) and is the psychoactive element. It is THC that produces the high you experience when smoking weed. Thus, CBD products – as they have only traces or no THC – will not get you high, but will perform as a relaxant. It’s notable that, in the Green Garden Gold, the THC content is listed as ‘under 0.3%’ and in some products as zero. 

You will hear of products being labeled as ‘full spectrum’ or otherwise. A full-spectrum CBD product includes other compounds of cannabis in very small quantities – including THC at under 0.3% – and many users consider these products to be more potent and effective than those that are not full spectrum. The choice is yours – we suggest you try both – but as with all good brands, Green Garden Gold is happy to tell you where they supply a full spectrum product.

Various Products

Most CBD brands offer a wide variety of products, which is further evidence as to the way the market has expanded. Green Garden Gold is no exception, as you can choose from CBD oils for vaping, capsules that are simple and convenient, plus gels, creams, and even a combined product with other health supplements included. This variety is a testament to the demand that CBD users have placed on the manufacturers, and the future of the market is clearly very strong. 

For the best quality products, look for the open and honest information we mention above and stay with known brands such as Green Garden Gold, but we do advise you try more than one brand and product so you can find the one that has the best-desired effect for you.