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Detailed How-To Guide: Quick Boost to Cannabis Dispensary SEO

There’s no doubt that cannabis businesses are growing rapidly. With the increasing competition for gaining more and more market share, the internet seems to be the most effective mode of marketing.

Out of several digital marketing tools, SEO for dispensaries and retailers selling marijuana and it’s products is the most popular strategy. But, with so many other dispensaries trying to rank for the same querries, what are your options of ranking on the first page?

Don’t worry, this article lists some of the most effective strategies to give your marijuana SEO a quick boost.

Local Searches for Cannabis Products Are More Feasible

Marijuana has been legalized across many states, but still, the consumers are not allowed to carry it across state borders. This poses a limitation to the region where marijuana dispensaries can sell their products. Experts providing tips for marijuana SEO strongly recommend optimizing cannabis websites for local searches. A study revealed that more than 46% of Google searches are local. Thus, paying attention to local searches can, of course, bring in better results. After all, most of your customers are around your store location.

Educate Your Consumers about Your Weed Products

The internet is full of jargon focused around somehow ranking for the search queries, even if it involves stuffing the keywords. This may help rank a website in search results, initially, but would lead to penalties from search engines, ultimately. A rather wiser strategy would be to include a blog section on your website. Educate your consumers about the high-quality weed products and gadgets that you sell. In fact, Google recommends creating content that helps users with information rather than misleading them. And, of course, it rewards informational content with higher rankings in SERPs.

Collaborate with Influencers in Marijuana Industry

When it comes to establishing relevance online, search engines crawl the links that your website has. Furthermore, it’s the backlinks that crawlers consider to assess the authority as well as the expertise of any content. Consider using a blogger outreach strategy to collaborate with influencers within the marijuana industry. Seek reviews for your products, along with securing a backlink to your website. Branded mentions on influential blogs that receive sizeable organic traffic can help you gain an edge over your competitors. Make sure that you consider other metrics apart from organic traffic when prospecting bloggers to be outreached.

Majority of Consumers of Herbal Products Make Use of Mobile Search

Authorities at Google, during a public meeting, stated that 58% of all searches come from mobile devices. In the year 2015, it rolled out the mobile-friendly update to its core algorithm which reward websites that are responsive on mobile devices. Try optimizing your website to be functional across various devices and platforms including mobile phones and tablets. In fact, the majority of users of cannabis and CBD products make use of Google to find their nearest stores using mobile devices. Hence, your website’s compatibility with varying screen sizes and operating systems will surely reward it with better ranking.

SEO is not an overnight game. Moreover, since the marijuana industry is still in its infancy, consider these strategies as the baby steps. You’ll need to practice a lot more strategies once you start rolling the wheels.