cbd food and drink trends

Current CBD Food and Drink Trends

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 plant ingredients named cannabinoids, which can be obtained from cannabis and hemp. It’s a highly non-psychoactive substance that is not able to make people high. Therefore, thanks to extracting CBD, we can use the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects that THC has on us. For instance, it can be helpful for:

  • Pain,
  • Digestion,
  • Immune system,
  • Cognition,
  • Memory,
  • Mood and Emotions,
  • Sleep,
  • Inflammations,
  • Appetite.

You can find CBD in various forms nowadays. You can visit a downtown Las Vegas dispensary to see many different foods and drinks containing this marvelous component of cannabis. They are not only beneficial for your organism, but also surprisingly tasty. What is more, CBD taken through the digestive system is held in your body for a longer time and has the effects for an extended period. You don’t need any prescription to get those products, so you can buy them without much trouble. Apart from that, it’s easy to keep up with the dose – counting the amount of CBD you are using with an oil dropper can be difficult, while the edible CBD products have a label with the accurate pre-measured dose.

You may wonder which products are worth the greatest attention. Here we have prepared the current CBD food and drink trends for you to discover!


They look like any other gummy sweets, with the only difference being the addition of CBD. There are diverse shapes of them, for example, fruits, rings, squares, gummy bears, and not only. They are very sweet, so they are a great option for children who need CBD, but are not willing to use regular tinctures and oils. It is worth knowing that you can even find sugar-free gummies on the market, with such sweetening alternatives as stevia.

Protein Bars

CBD protein bars will certainly be an excellent suggestion for sports fans. They have both a healthy amount of protein and the optimal cannabidiol dose. It’s fantastic if they contain hemp seeds as well!

Dried Fruit

If you are not into sweets and you’re not a gym enthusiast, there is still a healthy choice for you. Namely, you can buy CBD infused dried fruits, such as apricots, blueberries, pineapples, kiwis, papayas, cranberries, etc.

Cold Coffee Brews

Many people appreciate the benefits that caffeine provides us with, namely better alertness, concentration, and higher energy. However, in some cases, such benefits come at a cost. It happens that one experiences tachycardia or at least some jittery feelings. Thankfully, CBD is really helpful in getting rid of these unfortunate side effects, making it possible for you to enjoy cold coffee brews like all the others.


Certainly, kombucha is one of the most trendy drinks now. It is a kind of fermented tea that has many different health profits on its own, but when it is combined with CBD, it can improve your health even more. One of the most significant benefits of kombucha, enhanced by cannabidiol, is strengthening your immune system.


While alcohol obviously has some adverse effects on your organism, it’s good to know that you can mix it with something that will be profitable for your health. Cannabidiol cocktails can be found in two forms, which are tincture and oil. The tincture will blend perfectly with an alcoholic beverage because of the same density, while oil will float, so it’s better to use it as a topper.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea still seems to be very trendy, and now you can find a mixture that contains CBD as well. You can blend it with water or milk and enjoy an improved version of this famous Asian drink. As it often comes in decorative packaging, it can make an excellent idea for a gift for someone who is into trying out new trendy edibles.


If you want to improve your anti-inflammatory powers, hemp-infused honey is an excellent supplement to your diet. It has only 10 mg of CBD per teaspoon, so you can spoon it on the top of your oatmeal or into your matcha (or another kind of tea).

CBD Drinks and Foods in Social Environments

Buying CBD as a component of food or beverages may be more comfortable for many people, especially first time users. Such edibles can be easily consumed even in social situations, as they don’t have any embarrassing features and often even don’t look as if they contained cannabidiol. It may be particularly crucial to people who like to take the edge off social anxiety.

Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD beverages and foods are usually safe because this substance itself hardly has any side effects. Any reported cases of cannabidiol overdoses haven’t been heard so far. Nevertheless, keep it in mind that you should always be careful with any supplements or medications that you are taking for the first time. Such small doses of CBD as those in foods and drinks will allow you to find out if your body doesn’t have any allergic reactions to this ingredient. It is worth knowing that immunocompromised people should avoid CBD due to its immunosuppressant impact. It