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Cannabis Fashion Trends for 2020

Cannabis industry is ever-evolving. It is leaving its footprint in every possible sector. From finance to the fashion industry, cannabis has made its presence felt in all the major fields. The market for cannabis wear and marijuana inspired merchandise has been doing round in the fashion industry. People have wholeheartedly accepted these cannabis fashion trends and designers have been making the most of the opportunity to bring brand new cannabis clothing line. 

With every start of the season, there is a hot fashion trend that brims the online clothing store and all the major designer boutiques. Cannabis clothing also deemed as the stoner style is a clothing range that involves the use of hemp (leaves of the cannabis plant) to make the outfits. It is the most popular trend these days and designers are working hard to bring cannabis clothing into the mainstream fashion industry. Cannabis fashion was initially marketed as traditional stoner which was only lauded by a certain group of people. Over time, things changed and cannabis fashion becomes a trend. From quirky t-shirts to quoted tote bags, you can witness the cannabis trend everywhere. 

Take a look at some of the popular cannabis fashion trends that will be a hot topic throughout the next year:

Swim Suits

Whether celebrities or social media influencers, cannabis-inspired swimsuits were made lauded all through the year. Throughout the summer, cannabis swimsuits were spotted on the beaches, lakeshores, and pools. A swimsuit is a must-have outfit in your wardrobe if you are beach enthusiast and love bathing in the sun. A cannabis swimsuit is the most trending bathing suit you can get today.

Snapback Hats

Snapback hats never get out of the trend. A versatile piece of men’s accessory, even snapback hats are also drenched in the cannabis trend. Guys who love to sport snapback hats can now get it in hemp style. These cannabis snapback hats can be worn throughout the day and fit almost every outfit effortlessly. Not just the hip hop star or wannabe stoner, even people with a distinctive fashion sense are sporting the cannabis snapback hats with confidence. 

Tank Tops

When it comes to the most popular cannabis apparel, tank tops would top the list. Tank tops are the most preferred outfit to beat the hit. Last summer was all about embracing the cannabis style and hemp inspired tank tops were the center of attraction all through the summers. These tank tops are lightweight, durable and go well with every occasion. Be it a Sunday brunch or getaway with your friends, sporting a cannabis tank top will give you unique. Both men and women can sport these tank tops for a relaxing and soothing experience. 

Maxi Cardigans

Apart from tank tops, fashion enthusiasts are also going crazy over the cannabis-inspired floor-length silk cardigans. These maxi cardigans are ideal to go out on cool summer evenings. Cannabis maxi cardigans were popular apparel this summer and everyone was in love with the unique hemp style patterns that gave the cardigans a distinctive look. Maxi cannabis cardigans soon become a must-have in the summer wardrobe. 


Popular cannabis apparel that was highly popular among the fashionistas were the weed hoodies. Giving an uber-cool look with the quirky hemp styled designs, hoodies were bold, badass yet imparted confident look. Ideal for both casual and occasional wear, cannabis hoodies remained in the limelight throughout the year. 


Just like any other new fashion trend, cannabis clothing was also widely applauded by the customers. 2019 witnessed some radical changes in cannabis clothing as more and more designers brought their cannabis clothing line and organized fashion shows to bring this unique fashion trend into the limelight. And as expected, cannabis clothing soon becomes a hot trend. Cannabis motifs are not only the possession of hip hop stars, but they have also become a prominent part of the mainstream fashion industry now. 

Cannabis clothing has become the talk of the town. There is plenty of merchandise that has needs inspired by stoner style. The above mentioned were some of the fashion elements related to cannabis fashion. Find these on the online sites or nearest stores to catch the trend train and remain in the limelight.