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Can You Use Bong for Dabbing?

Many people wonder if they can use a bong for dabbing. Experts say you can. Both dab rigs and bongs are a lot similar. Even though it is recommended that you use a dab rig to smoke concentrates, you can still modify a bong for this purpose. Dab rigs are made to retain flavor and potency of the dab.

There are different reasons why a person may prefer to use bongs for dabbing. One is smoking for a while and not wanting to buy a rig. Others may choose to use bongs for convenience. Whatever your reason is, knowing how to dab with a bong will help you.

What You Need to Convert Your Bong

To start dabbing with your bong, you need to get some items to modify it. some include a dab tool, quartz banger, a torch, and a carb cap. After getting these items, your bong will be ready for use.

Quartz Banger

This part is a bowl piece that is used to vaporize the concentrate. Some people may choose to use metal nails as they are cheap and easy to find. The problem with them is the fact that it may have a metallic after taste. A banger made of quartz is a better option as it doesn’t leave any residual aftertaste when the concentrate evaporates.

You can find different types of quartz bangers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a connoisseur or a newbie, you can find something to start with. There is the standard high airflow banger for starters and a larger banger with slits for airflow for maximum vaporization and extra airflow. For a large gathering such as a party, a double banger will do just fine. This type allows users to take two dabs at a time.

Dab Tool

Before enjoying a dab, you need to place the concentrate on the banger safely. The nail is often too hot to touch at this time because of torching, so there will be a need for a glass or metal dab tool.

Dab tools have pointed ends to make it easy for the user to collect small amounts of the concentrate and store them on the banger as it is heated. These tools usually come in different materials. Your choice would depend on your personal preference, style, and budget.

Some also come with additional features built-in like a scoop to extract the concentrate or an extra carb cup.

Carb Cap

After placing the concentrate on the banger, you will need to use a carb cap to ensure that it vaporizes properly. Using this carb cap to cover the banger will restrict the airflow. This allows the concentrate to vaporize properly and still taste well.

This tool is chosen based on personal smoking preference and individual style. It is small and quite portable and some come with other dab tools. The regular carb caps may be bigger with more decorations. This makes them more conspicuous especially if you need to use it outdoors.


People no longer use a match or gas station lighter to light up their concentrate when they start dabbing. To heat a dabber slowly and melt the concentrate, you will require a more powerful heat source.

One product for this is the butane torch which has a long nozzle and on-switch to keep your fingers safe from the flames. It heats the banger properly and comes in different sizes. You can buy mini torches to take with you on the go or jumbo torches that are perfect for table settings. One benefit of butane torches is the fact that it is refillable. It will last a lot longer.


Perhaps you plan to save some money by using your bong to dab rather than a dab rig.  Or maybe you intend to repurpose the bong for dabbing or you just made the switch between the concentrate and the flower. Whatever the case, you will enjoy the experience.

The only drawback you should consider is the fact that using a bong to dab dilutes the flavor. It also reduces the potency of dabs. This makes a dab rig an ideal for the purpose. To repurpose your bong, you may still need to buy other parts, so you may end up spending the extra money to do so.