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Are Dab Pens Worth It?

With the legalization and growing attention that cannabis has received in many places, it’s no longer news that cannabis users have adopted new methods of consuming this product in the safest and most comfortable way available.

One of the safest methods is vaporizing through devices used to heat cannabis flowers or concentrate without burning them. Dabbing is another name for vaporizing powerful cannabis concentrates called dabs.

What Is a Dab Pen?

Dab pen is a pen-style electronic device used for consuming dabs. There are many forms of dabs such as shatter, butter, oil, resin and wax, which vary in color and consistency. A dab pen was created for vaporizing these concentrates in the most comfortable way and to get the most potent effect. It has a superheated coil for instant vaporization of dabs into fine vapor for consumption.

Dab pens have small size, and because of their convenience and faster effect, they arouse great interest and many smokers choose them as the main device for use.

How Does a Dab Pen Work?

Dab pen has a chamber (also called atomizer) to collect the concentrate, a mouthpiece to inhale the fine vapor, a battery to power the coil, and a USB charger to recharge the battery.

The process involves placing the dab on the coil, then allowing the heat to melt it. The cannabis concentrate is heated to a fine vapor which is then inhaled from the mouthpiece. Temperature plays a vital role in vaporizing concentrate, however too much heat can burn the material.

Are Dab Pens and Wax Pens the Same?

Dab pens and wax pens are often used interchangeably, however there are subtle differences between them. Wax pens can be used only with wax, while dab pens can be used with all concentrates, including wax.

The reason is that wax is a highly concentrated form of a dab, which requires higher temperature. Wax pens are powerful devices that produce too much heat and therefore cannot be used for more liquid concentrates, such as oils.

Still, there are a lot of similarities between dab pens and wax pens, which include:

  • They are both portable, and their small size makes them easy to carry around in a pocket, purse, or bag to enjoy vaping at any time.
  • Both wax pens and dab pens are easy for use just by pressing a button and inhale.
  • Wax pens and dab pens use similar batteries and energy stores.
  • Both have temperature control for safety to avoid the burning of the materials.

Is Dabbing Healthier than Smoking?

Marijuana is meant to be used for medicinal and recreational purpose, and that’s why people sort for the healthiest way of use. So the question now is, should you smoke or dab?

Smoking is straightforward to carry out, and it’s not expensive. What you need is the bud, something to smoke it on and a lighter, whereas dabbing requires to buy some tool from Vaporizer Chief, which is an additional cost. And learning how to dab could be troublesome, especially for a new user.

Dabbing, however, is healthier, because when smoking user consumes marijuana in its raw unprocessed form, while dabbing requires taking some cannabis concentrate that was processed and purified from impurities.

During smoking, cannabinoids are delivered to the lungs, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream. They are delivered with the smoke, which contains a lot of combustion products that are harmful to the health of the user. Studies have shown that these products could even cause cancer. On the other hand, dabbing is said to be safe because it does not produce combustion products. The dab just heats up, but does not burn!

Dabbing causes an instant effect after just one puff, because it implies using THC concentrates that deliver more cannabinoids than weed for smoking. This means that you can inhale less when dabbing. However, the dabs are highly potent and may overpower users, so you have to be careful. These substances may also predispose user to develop tolerance or addiction.

Smoking and dabbing have their pros and cons. Dabbing is healthier, but may not be suitable for beginners. It is advised to try and to choose which method is better for you.

Do Dab Pens Get You High?

Yes, dab pens get you high because they deliver the pure vapor form of the THC concentrate directly into the lungs. However, the level of high depends on the quality of the concentrates used, because impurities may reduce the potency. Still, with a good dab and good pen, getting high seems inevitable.

Do Dab Pens Smell?

Dab pens do not have the same kind of odor when compared to burning weed. This is because they require vaporization, not combustion. Dab pens have helped to lessen marijuana smell considerably. However, they still give off a scent when used, though not as intense as it would have been when smoked. Also, whether a dab pen smells or not depends on the particular concentrate used. There are scentless concentrates that are odorless when dabbed.

Are Wax Pens Addictive?

Inhaling fine vapor of dab delivers a significant amount of THC into the lungs. And this high amount of THC increases the chance of developing tolerance at a faster rate than other methods of consuming cannabis. Subsequently, with regular vaping, user may become dependent and addicted to dabbing.

Do Dab Pens Make Your Eyes Red?

THC makes your eyes red due to vasolidation, which is a swelling of the ocular capillaries (blood vessels in the eye). And since dabs contain a significant amount of THC, dabbing with a dab pen will cause your eyes to get reddened just like smoking.


Dab pens have evolved to become the most popular and best portable vaporizers on the market. Although cannabis concentrates bring about a more potent effect on the user, vaping with a dab pen is one of the most discreet ways of using cannabis without disturbing everyone around with the odor or smoke, so they definitely worth trying.