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9 Gift Ideas for Weed Smokers

Cannabis is becoming a part of everyday life. Many states have legalized its use and more are on the way. If you have a stoner as a friend, what can you give them on special occasions? It is always ideal to give them something that elevates their stoning experience. Since you cannot buy them weed, try to give them something that enhances their stoning. This article contains top gift ideas for weed smokers. You can also tweak them a bit or personalize them according to their tastes.

1. Dab Rig

Dab rigs are common today. They are among the top products a stoner can own. They are pipes used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs are also called vapor rig, concentrate pipe, or oil rig. It is similar to a bong but it filters the concentrate vapor using the water at the base.

Buying a dab rig is important because it makes the smoking experience better. It manages heat digitally and has sensors to ensure the right terpenes you need are vaporized.

2. Infinity Jars

These jars are air-tight and ideal for storing weed. They come in different sizes and have wide mouth screw tops. The infinity jars are UV-resistant as well so they can extend the life of your weed by six months. The elegant black finish also makes it possible to conceal the stash. This kind of gift would be well-appreciated because it is thoughtful.

3. Stash Bag

Stoners who love to travel will appreciate a stash bag. These bags are built with specially designed zippers that keep air from entering. This keeps the weed stash fresh and easier to transport. You can select one that makes it easy to blend into other suitcases or backpacks.

4. Pre-rolled Cones

For a stoner, rolling joints is a skill. Not everyone is perfect at it. Sometimes, even the best rollers have bad days. Pre-rolled cones come in handy in so many cases. It saves time as well. Your friend would love this gift.

5. Balance Pipe

If your friend loves architecture, you can gift them a balance pipe. Balance pipes are engineered to have the perfect weight distribution. There is no spilling or tipping. Also, it is made with the best materials to prevent overheating. The best part is that it looks great when it is placed on a coffee table.

6. Ashtray

Ashtrays are the most neglected tools for an average weed user. Many stoners forget to buy it and they mostly need better storage to ash their smokes as well as empty pipes. Before choosing an ashtray, ensure that it is easy to use and clean. It should also be stain resistant so it would last longer. You can get it customized with engravings or choose a color your friend would like.

7. Cannabis Book

If your friend is a new stoner, they would appreciate a book about cannabis usage. This book is one of the best about practical cannabis usage. It contains manuals on how to make delicious and well-balanced drinks. It does not matter if your friend or loved one is a recreational or medicinal user, they will love this thoughtful book.

8. Cannabis Scented Perfume

Marijuana is quite potent when used as a fragrance and it sticks. If you’re friends with someone who is particular about how they smell, you can give them cannabis scented perfume. The scent is offset by black pepper and floral notes. It allows stoners to smell like cannabis in an earthly way.

9. Odor Eliminator

Stoners may also enjoy odor eliminators especially if they are recreational smokers. It eliminates the dank weed smell, replacing it with fresh and fruity fragrances. It is a thoughtful gift.


Getting a gift for weed smokers does not have to be generic. A cake is nice, but an herb crusher is even nicer, because it shows that you understand the person in so many ways.

You can find the most thoughtful gift items that weed smokers would appreciate at Theweedprof.com. Some of the items can be placed in a gift basket. Also, you can opt to customized products to make your friend feel special.