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5 Up and Coming Occupations in the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is booming. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in 11 States and Canada billions of dollars are made annually with what was once an illegal trade.

Due to this impressive industry expansion, millions of people have been able to find steady employment and not just in direct cannabis production or sales. Industries that surround and support cannabis have been flourishing as well.

Want to take advantage? Here are six up and coming occupations in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Cultivator

No, we aren’t talking about Cheech and Chong growing weed here. Cannabis cultivation is a multi-billion dollar business. That means professional cultivators with high-level degrees and experience.

In fact, cannabis is so lucrative that the North American Cannabis Report, published by Prohibition Partners revealed the cannabis market is expected to reach a total value of over $47.3 billion in North America by 2024.

A cannabis cultivator or ‘Master Grower’ is responsible for an entire warehouse or field. They usually oversee dozens of employees whose job it is to water the plants, trim and harvest, adjust the lights and climate,  along with various other duties related to the production of quality cannabis.


A ‘budtender’ is like a mix of a sommelier and a retail associate. The budtender’s job is to recommend products in the store to clientele.

Budtenders are personable employees whose goal is to make for enhanced, safe experiences at recreational and medical cannabis stores. They are product experts who can describe, in detail, the flavors, effects, and repercussions of each cannabis type. 

Budtending is one of the most common industry jobs.

Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery companies were some of the first to take advantage of the legalization of medical marijuana in the early 2000s. Many of these businesses operated with less than stellar legal records in California and Oregon.

According to Jamie Schau, Senior Analyst at the Brightfield Group, a cannabis-related research firm, just 1.2% of total cannabis sales are made by delivery. With regulations across the world easing this number will only grow, according to Brightfield’s research.

The future of Cannabis delivery will be far more regulated, but also far more profitable with the proliferation of legal recreational cannabis and medical cannabis. The delivery industry is set for growth over the coming decades. 

Cannabis Software Provider

When any industry in the 21st century starts to boom software providers come running, and cannabis is no different.

The complex nature of production, distribution and retail sales leads to a significant need for a cannabis ERP system or Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) in the industry.

From complicated cultivation forecasts to the processing of financial data, cannabis software is a necessity for both small and large companies.

Security Guard

Medical and legal cannabis sales have been plagued by theft and it’s no secret as to why.

When thousands or even millions of dollars of product is sitting within a store it immediately becomes a target.

For example, in southwestern Washington, just this year over $250,000 worth of product was stolen from a medical marijuana facility.

Security guards for cannabis cultivations, stores and transports are a necessity in 2019.

So, looking for work? Think cannabis. The options are appealing and widespread. So whether you are looking for a job that requires no experience or you’re an experienced professional looking to advance your career, the cannabis industry has plenty to offer.