niiceone dry herb vaporizer

4 Reasons to Buy Niiceone Dry Herb Vaporizer

Niiceone dry herb vaporizer is a product of NiiceTech, a UK brand. This brand is known for its vaporizing cleaning solution and grinders. The dry herb vaporizer has become more popular because of its affordability. But what else does this product offer? Is it a good buy? Yes, and here’s why.

1. The Vape Offers Precise Temperature Control

Most vapers expect rigid and set temperature controls because they are used to have 5 to 10 temperature settings on budget vapes. This vaporizer offers precise temperature control. Users can select the temperature down to 1C increment. It can also go from 175C to 235C. This awesome feature allows users to get the vapor at the right temperature. It does not let any cannabinoid from the concentrate and herb go to waste.

Also, Niiceone is designed with an attractive LED touch screen. This feature makes it easy to control the temperature with one small touch. There is no need for heavy pressing or squinting the eyes to see. Just vape easily with quick temperature selection.

2. Works Well with Concentrates and Herbs

This vaporizer comes with the necessary accessories to switch between cannabis extracts and herbs. Many low-cost vapes do not offer this feature. It works well for both dry concentrate and herbs. Both are burned in the device’s dual oven.

The oven of this dry herb vaporizer is made from medical-grade stainless steel and ceramic. This means that whatever material is placed in the oven will be heated thoroughly. Among the affordable dual-vaporizer products on the market, the Niiceone vape worked well with herb and concentrate. The products fry the herbs nicely and produce a tasty, high-quality vapor.

The reason for this is that the Niiceone vaporizer is built from top-notch materials that help get the job done. It is rare to find this feature in vapes that cost less than £100. This makes it ideal for rookie vapers who do not know which they prefer yet among herb or concentrate. The vape will allow them to experiment freely without needing to get another vape in the future.

3. Produces Vapor Easily

This vape’s stainless steel oven works well to produce vapor easily. Many other products take time to produce vapor and vapers are not fans of waiting around for it to appear. Sometimes, the delay in the appearance of vapor is caused by several factors like air path length, oven content, quality of materials as well as the heat-up time of the device.

However, the power to produce vapor easily lies in the battery of the vaporizer. Niiceone vaporizer is built with an outstanding 2680 mAh Li-on battery. This battery power has an impressive power that heats up herbs at lightning pace. The vaporizer does it effortlessly as well.

To get it to work, all you need to do is select the required temperature and before you know it, the vape would be ready to heat. This dynamic heating feature is one that makes the device stand out because it offers an excellent vaping experience like none other in the affordable range.

Since it heats up so fast, you may wonder if it can char or burn the herb. If this happens, your weed would be tasteless and disappointing. However, this is not the case with this vaporizer. It still produces a smooth vapor of clouds with satisfying flavor. It works fast and does not burn the herbs.

4. The Vaporizer Features a Short Air Path

Niiceone has some awesome features as noted above. But it falls short in this aspect. The short air path can create hot vapor which may not sit well with all users. When vapor passes the oven to travel to the mouth piece area of the vape, it needs time to cool down, calibrate, and develop some texture. So a longer air path is a better option because it helps the vapers avoid burning their mouths when a hot burst of vapor rushes down. It also provides tastier results. Cooler vapor produces more flavorful notes.

This doesn’t change the fact that the Niiceone vaporizer has excellent features for the cost. Since the oven is close to the mouthpiece, it could produce flavorless vapor at the wrong settings. However, it is still a good option for newbies who are still discovering what they like.